15 Reasons why it is good to Study a Technical Career

Reasons why it is good to Study a Technical Career

In a country where employment options are becoming increasingly scarce and levels of youth unemployment increase, other options besides traditional careers can be considered. Then I give you 15 reasons why it is good to study a technical career or to prefer an institute instead of the big universities. Nowadays it seems that there is no sure formula for success, so pay close attention.

  1. – Are short careers, you can better manage your time and in two years or less have at least one higher base study for the future.
  2. – You can find work faster, this if you consider that the labor field requires more technicians or specialists today than, for example, humanistic professionals.
  3. – Studying a technical career gives you the option to continue learning, it does not stall you because you can complement it with a career of four years or more and you do not waste so much time in the process.
  4. – You do not have to give the PSU, it would not be necessary to check your aptitudes but you pass directly to the higher studies.
  5. – The labor field is broader, there are as many technical careers as human knowledge forms, studies and / or trades.
  6. – You learn more with the practice than with the theory, perfect if you get bored so much blah blah professor and you like to learn more in live, where the potatoes burn.
  7. – There are many institutes that teach them, they currently proliferate and the tendency is that new institutes continue to appear.
  8. – There are many scholarships, the state and educational centers promote technical services and pay many young people who choose this type of education.
  9. – The requirement is not so high either, it is not a walk, but in general they are much more approachable than certain careers of other educational entities.
  10. – The salaries after leaving are good, at least in Chile these careers do not pay badly, it even gives the feeling that companies or institutions prefer technicians.
  11. – They are not as saturated as some traditional ones, something that you will immediately notice in the labor field, where those studies that advised you to study many times are poorly paid and with rows of people waiting for an opportunity.
  12. – It is an option in case you throw the race, this if you lost four or five years in something that did not bear fruit definitely, in such a case may a technique at least not leave you in the air without any title for the rest of your life.
  13. – It is an option in case you go wrong in the PSU, because as I mentioned before does not require you to level yourself or do this exam, so you will take advantage of the time and you will not lose the year.
  14. – They are not so expensive, most are very accessible by the same fact of being in competition against more expensive universities and that prestige is filled with students.
  15. – You will learn what you like in a more specific way, you will explore a precise, not broad scope and you will understand it at the root.

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