3 people who became successful in spite of their shortcomings

meaning of success

The definition of success has various perspectives; hence, no comprehensive definition can illustrate the meaning of success. According to the societal perception, the success implies earning handsome money, owning property. The best way to achieving success is to learn about the true meaning of earning success in personal life. The purpose of success goes beyond the popular definition of success that revolves around earning a lot of money. One needs to understand only being wealthy and achieving a degree do not define how successful a person is.

Any of those factors as mentioned above cannot measure the true meaning of success. What is the point of earning only higher degrees which will remain as a mere certificate? A higher degree that has no use in uplifting the condition of the society and the people cannot be considered as a great achievement. Most of the time people think about themselves and run after earning a lot of money to bring luxury in life. One should concentrate on how to craft a life that would be disciplined and hygienic, and that has no relation with the trophies a person achieved throughout his life.

Significant Example of Three Successful People

People in our society dwell on a preconceived notion that to achieve success in life one needs to be financially secured since childhood. To nullify this notion we can take an example from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s life who was born to a lower caste impoverished parents. He was born in a time when the cast discrimination was at its peak in Indian society. Ambedkar also faced discrimination regarding caste for belonging to an untouchable family. Despite all the social stigma and economic crisis in the family, Ambedkar completed his education. He dedicated his life for eradicating caste discrimination from society. He is also known as the ‘Father of Constitution’ as he wrote the Indian Constitution to bring equality in the country. He became an eminent politician and a social reformer both in one life. The word majburi in english is the obligation that is majorly faced by Ambedkar before becoming the epitome of success.

We can cite the name of Mahatma Gandhi as an example of a successful person who also faced obligations. Gandhi is known as ‘Father of Nation’ not only in India but across the world. The person brought independence in India from British colonization. He conducted a number of movements against the British rule and his concept of nonviolence made the British walk off the conflict. Gandhi, on one side, was a journalist and on the other was a freedom fighter and social reformer. The person stood against the social discrimination of caste, religion, and race. In order to serve the people and the country, the person faced immense obstacles to free the country.

The person who fought against the British with the last drop of his blood is Subhas Chandra Bose. The person left his luxurious life to serve the country. He was rusticated from the Hindu College for opposing against the British. He later completed his education and renounced a lucrative job offer to form the Indian National Army that is also known as Azad Hind. Bose freed the Burma region with INA and later he became the martyr.

From the examples as mentioned earlier, it can be concluded that success does not revolve around tangible things such as humongous house and car. The success lies in the action of a person towards his society and country. The tangible things can only give happiness that is evanescent but taking up social responsibility make a person remembered by masses even after the death.

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