5 Myths about Online Education Debunked

Online Education Debunked

While thinking of expanding your educational horizons, completing your degree is essential to enrich any personal and professional skills. However it seems quite difficult for working students to carry on their education side-by-side but if they get enrolled in an online course, it’ll help them finish their education smartly.

People who don’t really know what it is to earn a degree online would never be able to consider its value.In this article, we debunk 5 myths about online education.

  1. You’re all alone:

Yes, it is only you when it comes to the level of responsibility but apparently you’re not alone ifthecommunity is concerned. E-learning platforms help in keeping you connected to classmates and professors in anyway. Even though there is no chalkboard and physical classroom, there are a lot of other interesting activities happening in the virtual walls of an online learning course.

  1. Your degree won’t be considered valuable by future employers

It is a common fact that is overlooked about the grads of online education programs that they earn a degree confronting regular students. Unless the fact that you have an online degree is not presented during an interview, the prospective employer would hardly know the difference. What employers are mostly concerned regarding your qualifications is the reputation of your institution. They are curious about the degree from an online college, but some are not even skeptic about online degrees in general.

  1. You’re guaranteed to face Professor Problems

Such problems may even occur in a physical classroom so there is nothing guaranteed. Some may find it easier gaining the attention of their professor by participation in an online program. Online students are facilitated with a variety of contact methods (instant message, phone calls, chat, group work, email, and more) to stay in touch with their professors and even classmates. Some institutes incorporate online learning tools to give students an extraordinary opportunity to know working relationships among students, teachers, and classmates.

  1. Classes are too easy to be challenged

It is one of the most common misperception which has exacerbated. Online classes also require as much concentration and hard work as regular ones. High standards, and invigilated exams of online education ensure hard-earned knowledge, skills, and a degree. Whether classes are held online or offline, the educational standards for both modalities are equal.

  1. Online Degrees are not accredited

Likewise a black sheep spoils the whole flock, some non-accredited colleges have spoiled the reputation of online degree programs worldwide. Such institutes are established at both national and regional levels. To escape falling prey to such scams, it is advisable to pursue your degree through a college or university that has been evaluated by a well-reputed accrediting agency that has met educational standards. It is a great way that assures reasonable quality and acceptance of degrees as well as diplomas from that institution.

Key elements of an accredited life experience degree

When you are interested in an online learning program, keep an eye out for key elements in your college described by the U.S department of education. A college is accredited if:

  • It offers online degrees which are accredited by the third party agency recognized by the U.S department of education.
  • For life/ work experience degrees, credit or diploma, it must only reward students if they have equal knowledge and experience that would have earned in a college level course.
  • It offers credits based on standardized tests, presentation of a portfolio, learning level, professional certification, or oral exams.


Ever since internet has developed many possibilities, online learning programs is setting the bar high. As far as, you are concerned about learning, nothing matters if you are taking classes online or offline.

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Emma is an educational specialist, author, and publisher for more than 10 years. She has also covered a lot of fictional topics too. Her biggest passion is to understand students’ and teachers’ regular problems and help them find solution. For her vast knowledge, she has been awarded with an online life experience degree.

At a very young age when kids have an urge to play with toys, she used to read a lot of books. It is how she has memorized a vast variety of vocabulary, which is a big evidence of her intelligence.

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