Best Big Data Scientist Jobs at an All Time High

Big Data

Data scientist as a word was coined in 2008 by Jeff Hammerbacher and D.J. Patil who used to work and lead teams of data and analyst at Facebook and LinkedIn respectively. Today, it is the hottest and the sexiest job of the century.

Data is growing big time. It’s not a revelation.  But what is a revelation is that the trends of hiring data science and big data analytics professional are at an all-time high as well. The best big data scientist jobs are up for keeps for whoever has the right skills and the right big data analytics certifications.

Around the world, 89.5% of the quantitative teams are planning for a major talent acquisition overhaul where beat big data scientist jobs are made available. Q1 saw 89.5% hiring of the data science and big data analytics specialists. The quarter 2 is also seeing the same percentage of candidates being hired. The second half of the year- that is to say- Q3 and Q4 will oversee the hiring of about 84.3% of [professionals with big data analytics certifications.

These percentages are reflective of new headcount and backfilling positions in different teams. Many trends of the year 2017 are:

  • Most expansion is seen in the consulting firms followed closely by technology and gaming companies
  • Advertising and marketing firms are seeing the most backfilling which proves the high turnover of these firms
  • The companies in retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) are the least expanding teams.
  • Financial services are awaiting regulatory changes to go in the hiring mode.

The industries today are facing many constraints in the recruitment of the new employees in the field of data science and big data analytics.  A new breed of professionals is required by these companies who are good at crunching numbers and coming up with the latest patterns they reveal based on which strategies can be based on and profits can be earned. A certification on data analytics proves their competencies.

All things sound good about these best big data scientist jobs and they actually are. What does not sound good is the talent acquisition and retention of the experts into the company. Employers are finding it really hard to attract top talent, giving feedback to them, and retaining from among all the talent pool- the top performers. It’s easy to segregate between the applicants by the availability ofbig data analytics certifications with them.

A certification on data analytics does prove a lot. As an employer and even a professional working in the realm of big data- you will realize that a certification on data analytics gives you the wings and caliber to define new things. Data scientists at Yahoo! were influential in the development of Hadoop and the credits to the development of Hive language for programming projects on Hadoop was done by the teams at Facebook. Similarly, many advancements to the big data sphere came from analysts working at Walmart, eBay, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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