Excellent Problem Solving Skills Make a Good Lawyer

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Law as a program of study has always been associated with higher level of prestige and status in the society. In addition, if you happen to be a person with sound communication and problem solving skills with an attention to detail and ability to put forward your views in a cogent and coherent manner and back your arguments with irrefutable claims, sky is the limit for you. A law degree from top private law colleges in India can open a floodgate of career opportunities for you. Apart from practicing your skills in various courtrooms in the country, you can also earn a handsome living strutting your knowledge of law in LPOs, corporate boardrooms, government think tanks and NGOS among other.

However, you need to understand that a law degree from a top level law school does not come handed on a pristine platter. The reading is intense, as are the demands on memory. The life of a law student is hectic though never dull. You will have lectures and then burn midnight oil preparing assignments. In all probability, you will come across professors who will not blink twice before interrogating in your class and questioning your ability to complete the program. Sometimes you may start doubting your own abilities exacerbated by your inability to comprehend the nuances of law and its application in real life scenarios. This, however, should not dishearten you as it is only the test of fire that makes fine steel. It prompt to put in more effort and motivate you to do better by helping you take stock of your own strengths and weaknesses. Proper assessment of your strengths and shortcomings will help you both personally and professionally.

The best thing about studying law is that it has an air of guarantee about career prospects. With economic liberalization and advent of MNCs in the country, knowledge and practice of law is no longer confined to courtrooms in India.

Law is an addictive profession, full of clever and witty people who possess excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities. As a law student, you may be expected to lead a very hectic life in the law school. You will have lectures, and then be assigned reading to prepare answers for tutorials and seminars. You simply cannot expect to have it easy in best law colleges in Delhi/NCR. You are likely to come across some tough teachers who may not always refrain from interrogating you in classroom to highlight your deficiencies in knowledge and understanding of the law.

It can coax you to put in more effort in your reading and learning. Such method of teaching, though may not be approved by many has its own distinct set of advantages. It provides an opportunity to students to take stock of their strengths and weaknesses. Building on their strengths and trying harder to overcome your deficiencies in learning or paying attention could help.

Career prospects in Law

After getting a degree in law from the top private law colleges in India, you can opt for your own private practice. The widest caseloads come from cases, which cover criminal, family, civil and business law. Alternatively, law graduates could also look for employment in various government offices as legal advisors or serve in Armed forces legal services.

As mentioned above, law students are no longer compelled by choice or circumstances to practice law in courtrooms. There is no dearth of job opportunities for law graduates who wish to work outside of the legal profession. Knowledge of law could help you get well-paying jobs in various fields like property development, finance and banking sector, HR departments of corporate, accountancy, insurance sector, public services and administration, etc.

What it takes to be a good lawyer

A person could be successful as a lawyer only if he/she has this ability to put into practice what has been taught at law school. Evaluation skill, reasoning and critical judgment skills, lateral thinking and problem solving skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills and excellent communication skills are some of the qualities that you will find common in all big names in this discipline. Putting your views across in forceful and effective manner and the ability to formulate sound arguments are other essential qualities that make highly successful lawyers.

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