Factors That Effect Students Academic Performance

Students Academic Performance

Academic performance is affected by a number of factors such as age, gender, social economic status of family and school background. Poverty can have a large impact on student performance. The parents of poor children may not help them with their schoolwork, and there are also issues like stress, behavioral problems and environment of the home really affect student academic performance.

Another factor that can have an impact on student performance is the diversity of the class. For example, students with special needs may not integrate well into classrooms with other students, and students whose first language isn’t English can have a hard time following along with schoolwork.

In this era of globalization and technological revolution, education is

Considered as a first step for every human activity”

Parental Support:

Education is the best legacy parents can give to their children, the development of the nation starts from the family, when the family succeeds in teaching and impacting good values in their children, the country becomes a better place to live. Research proves that parent’s involvement is very important for the academic success of the childern.Here what the research shows.

Those parents who involved with their children’s.

  • Their children’s always get better marks.
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • do their homework on time
  • they are more positive about school
  • They are more likely to graduate and go to the higher education.

Low Income Households:

Due to low income or budget they get fewer facilities which lead them to give their best in eduaction.these kind of children’s also struggle with good nutrition. Children in poor families often have parents who are less-educated, and may have fewer facilities such as books at home.

Child Abuse and Neglect:

Children’s who are being neglected and abused by their home, can have a negative effect on their education because it’s difficult to focus on school when they are worrying about issues happening at home. Research shows that 5 children die every day because of child abuse.

Single Parent:

Most of the children’s living with single parent have face economically inconvenience due to fact that single parent is not able to provide as much. so these type of emotional issues can have a huge impact on how the child perform in school.

Personal Qualities of Teacher:

Personal qualities of the teacher are very important for the growth of student’s academic success. The communication skills the way he/ she talks, emotions, honesty, intelligence, reliability are the expertise of any teacher. Through these qualities he/she can establishes an efficient and mutually beneficial working environment with the students, then students will give their 100 % to the teacher. Teacher should be very effective enough to manage the changes of the environment and behavior of the student.

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