How do good followers make better leaders?

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Being a follower is quite destructive but all the human beings are some kind of followers in their lives. And the kind of skills and competencies that people achieve during this phase turns them into better and efficient leaders. This is an old age saying but it is true and it reflects the pattern of relationship between the followers and leaders. The saying “Leaders lead. Followers follow” is pretty must straightforward and sums up everything.

But with the changing times, the followers are not creating the change and the leaders can only grow if they are a good follower of the change. So if the hiring managers find the below mentioned sales manager skills in their candidates they can surely vouch that they can become good leaders. For that initially they need to be great followers but the outcome required is better leadership quality.

  1. Awareness – This is the first and foremost thing that is required in a leader. The leaders need to be aware of their several audiences which may also include their co-workers, colleagues, board members, customers, and society at large. It is the prerogative of a leader to be aware of how to bring them along. The good followers can learn how to read and analyse people and also understand the reasons that can upset or motivate them.
  2. Diplomacy – This trait is equally important as when the good followers come across a colleague with sick beliefs, they’re most likely not going to fight so in this scenario playing the role of a follower is simple, easy and less risky at times. The good followers know how to get along despite of the difference of opinion and also not ignoring this difference. This is a very well-known leadership trait as any manager or leader can’t really afford to be unmindful of the attitudes of people around him so being diplomatic is the key.
  3. Courage – The good follower will have the courage to oppose the leader or manager or the superior in case they feel that they are doing something wrong. But it is surely not that easy to stand up against the boss as it requires oodles of guts and strength of conviction which is very must essential to a good leader. Being a good follower is quite complicated and it is quite similar to be a good leader. It can be concurred that being a good follower means being engaged and paying attention and also having the courage to come up if something is wrong. Also it includes the person to have the activism and energy to support the wise and intelligent leader or manager.
  4. Critical thinking – This trait is also very important in order to become a good follower as you would need to think for yourself as well. This is again the best trait and comes to the top of the sales manager skills list. It involves supporting the best leader when he is right and also stand up against him is he is wrong. Moreover, we want the managers to be competent, motivated and intelligent.

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