It is High Time to Take a Big Stride Toward Big Data

Big Data

Have you considered a career in big data? If yes, what should be your initial steps? If no, why not? It is really the time to ask yourself that if you want a career that involves computing and software operations why not it should be in big data. Big data experts around the world are having a great time at the moment provided they are good at what they do. Startups and large enterprises are spending hefty amounts of money to set up their data analytics teams. The value of a data analyst is well understood in all regions of the world and if you are one of those data professionals you would know what I mean.

Businesses around the world are counting a lot upon big data analytics. A little analytical advantage can make a great difference in the current market, which is competitive beyond imagination. Every customer and every potential customer matters. Companies now want to delve into the personal preferences of their customers to acquire or retain them. This means a lot of data if you consider the sheer number of internet users on this planet. Handling such large amounts of data needs skilled hands. So jumping for everything for analytics talent totally makes sense. Startups are, in fact offering more salary to potential data analysts because analytics advantage is the only hope for a startup to compete against the large companies, with a smaller fund and less capability of sustaining losses.

The need for analytics support among companies gives birth to hundreds of analytics service providers around the globe. It is astonishing that 89% of India’s domestic analytics industry consists of analytics service providers. These firms are committing to provide top notch analytics support to their clients; no wonder they would like to have a competent team of analysts for themselves.

Undergoingbig data training gives you access to a field of opportunities that is vast enough to suffice for all the capable big data professionals and more. Yes, the most prominent feature of the big data industry is skill shortage. Even the large and reputed companies are finding it hard to find big data experts who can run the Hadoop clusters successfully. The consequence is a bit concerning. A lot of companies are opting for cloud based data processing services. These projects are currently being handled by people in the analytics service firms. But if the skill shortage persists to be at this critical level for too long, the tools with lesser human dependency will take the market and thus turn the demand-supply graph upside down. Well, this is just a theory but a potent one considering the history of scientific developments. The simple point that is to be made is that this is the right time toget big data training and become a part of the much valued big data workforce. Times may change and these opportunities might not present themselves so abundantly.

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