JSIA Offers Lucrative Career Prospects in International Relations

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International relations, also known as International studies is an important program of study in current global scenario. This is one degree which allows you to look at the roles of state and organization in a world that is more connected than ever—but unfortunately more in conflict as well. The issues of human rights, environmental degradation and their political, legislative and economic impact; how terrorism and military adventurisms can adversely affect the world order and peace all fall within the realms of international studies.

BA International relations course in India from a top level institute can open new and exciting door of career opportunities for you in India and abroad. Top of the line institutes with faculty drawn from all spectrum of life can do an exceptionally good job of developing your international perspective and global vision to help you better comprehend the issues surrounding us in a world of diminishing boundaries.

What exactly is International Studies?

To put it in simple terms, international studies is the branch of study that introduces students to the politics and the social-historical impact of global development. It differs from other distinct academic discipline as it offers knowledge of how history, law, economics, and politics of a country all require cooperation on a global scale to prevent and eliminate the conflicts surrounding us. You will get into the finer details of how different political systems and the governing policies around the world shape international relations and how a high level of cooperation is required in a globalised world to make earth a better place for its inhabitants.

Career prospects in International relations

There are many ways in which you can utilise your BA degree in international studies to build a successful and financially rewarding career. You can land yourself lucrative jobs in government sectors and foreign affairs ministry. This though is not the sole avenue available to a graduate in international studies as you can use your degree and the knowledge gained to find productive jobs in the world of journalism, economics, social research and NGOs among others.

O P Jindal Global University is a top place to study BA in International studies in India. Apart from renowned faculty and a modern and relevant curriculum, the institute can sharpen your skills and the understanding of various aspects involved in international relations by inviting influential speakers from all walks of life who had either studied the course or work in a field closely related to this discipline.

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