M. Tech VLSI and Embedded Systems, Electronics Engineering Kerala

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Electrical Engineers work for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power. On the other hand Electronic Engineers work on the transfer of information through electronic circuit, radio waves, designing of computer systems and the development of control systems. This Electronics Engineering in Kerala is rapidly growing. At postgraduate level one can choose from various specializations in VLSI, Signal processing, Communication Engineering.

The combination of both electrical and electronics engineering is known as Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The study involves around the power in various forms like gas, fuel cell, solar, turbine, hydro, geothermal energy, and solar. It also teaches about the use, storage and generation of energy and power. A post-graduate course in VLSI and Embedded systems was started in 2010 while; the Department of Electronics Engineering came into existence in 2002. The Department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, committed and qualified teaching professionals, and a well-stacked department library.

It brags a student faculty ratio of 10:1. Electronics Engineering in Kerala craze is increasing rapidly in south India. Electronic engineering has many subfields. This section describes some of the most popular subfields in electronic engineering; although there are engineers who focus exclusively on one subfield, there are also many who focus on a combination of subfields. So what exactly do electronics engineering jobs require people in these roles to do? Individuals in this profile are responsible for designing and developing electronic circuits and mechanics. They are required to propose new products and technologies.

Following this step is research related to the proposition to ensure that it takes shape and form. An idea and its research, electronic engineers need to develop prototypes and test these, and change or modify designs to make them as efficient as possible. This apart, electronics engineers are responsible for quality checks and controls, along with safety checks. As a result, electronics engineers have ample opportunities in all sorts of diverse industries.

Some of these are the telecommunication business, the security business, the computer business, and others. Electronics engineering in Kerala has served to be great career option for young people around the world.  This is because, considering the nature of the job and its all round application quality, the role is very relevant in today’s world, particularly in the technology sector. As a result, lots of engineers are specializing in electronics engineering in kerela

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