Operating System is a program that acts as an interface between a user of a computer and the computer hardware. There are various goals of operating system like control and execute programs, make computer convenient to the user, efficient use of hardware and problem solving. There are different services provided by the operating system like editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers, loading program in memory, file initialization and organization, dealing with various input/output devices, resolves conflicts for resource contention and protection in access to resources and data. IIMT, University Meerut, is ranked among best universities in Delhi NCR provides all access to its students to learn about operating system. Operating system is important to understand and know how to correctly use when writing user applications.

Large and complex systems that have a high economic impact and result in interesting problem solving in management. As per the classical theory operating system works as resource manager it allocates and manages resource among processes and users, it works as control program as it controls the execution of user programs and operations of I/O devices, it works as command executer as it provides an environment for running user commands. Operating system working as resource manager manages and protects resources like CPU, processes, internal/external memory, tasks, applications, users and communication channels.

Operating system handles and allocates resources to multiple users or multiple programs running at the same time and space. It also decides between conflicting requests for efficient and fair resource use e.g., maximize throughput, minimize response time. It is the duty of the operating system to see which process is to be executed first, how the process is to be scheduled, where the process to be stored either in internal/external memory, how the peripheral devices are to be allocated. At IIMT, University Meerut, is ranked among best universities in Delhi – NCR college of computer science and applications provides lab facilities to work on operating system.

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