Practical steps to successfully study abroad

study abroad

It is increasingly common and easier to study abroad. The doors of many countries have opened for young students who wish to finish their studies at a university that’s abroad and this option is desired by those who want to add a multicultural element to their learning experience. Although there is a lot of advice and information available to plan your professional academics but we have gathered a few of top listed success steps that are sure to foster your academic excellence.

What to study?

It seems obvious, but it is the first decision you must take to start your search. Nowadays professions, specializations, masters and doctorates have different names and characteristics according to the country and the university where they are offered. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth research to be able to trace faculties related to your area of ​​interest.

Once you have some institutions in mind, you can start to find out more about the application process. For this case, several resources are useful. For example, looking at the selected list of Colfuturo gives an idea of ​​what kind of careers you can study. You can also look at higher education rankings worldwide which will further strengthen your decision. As admissions are very competitive in many institutions, because people from all over the world apply, it is highly preferred to have more than one option. Do not get involved with just one university.

Final budget

There are countless universities across the world that fits best for all sorts of budgets. If you already have two or three universities in mind, conduct a thorough research regarding the overall value of the tuition and the cost of living of the city you are going to live in.

There are substantial differences between cities and countries, so with pencil and paper check if your choice is really suitable to your monetary capacity or not. To this, you must also add if you want to access a scholarship or help but without forgetting that this involves a double procedure. In many cases, after having the admission, the procedure of obtaining a scholarship can also be availed. Make conscious calculations in contexts with the set of your resources and source of income in order to be more precise.

Admission calendar

This is one of the most essential parts of the process since universities are very strict with these dates and no exceptions are made for those who remain outside. It is advisable to have at least 9 months in advance a list of the possible institutions to apply and the dates on which you must present the requirements to be able to process your admission.

List of requirements

Once you have overcome the barrier of deadlines, it is convenient to make a list of requirements and start processing them one by one. In general, the requirements include resumes, certificates of grades, diplomas and the letter of recommendation. In many cases trainings or certifications are also requested in languages, including in universities where a native language is spoken. This requirement requires additional planning since some exams are held on limited timeframes and must be enrolled and completed in advance. Also do not forget that in many cases the application is not free and you must pay to be able to participate in the process: verify the means of payment through which this step is carried out.

Final delivery of the requirements

The format of sending these applications varies according to the institution respectively. The truth is that, surprisingly, many institutions still use conventional mail so they investigate well if the institution to which they apply receives the papers by this means and plans in advance the delivery of their papers.

It is not advisable to leave these procedures for the last hour even if it is an online application. Like many who decide to deliver everything at the end, it is likely that the system will collapse and cannot send your application. Avoid problems and have all your papers with some advance notice before the closing date. 

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