What it’s really like Going to an International School

International School

International schools are mushrooming at a fast pace in India. For expats, the problem of finding a school for their children is tough while moving to foreign countries like India. The solution for them is an international school.

International schools are not only convenient but also effective. Their reputation is much ahead of local schools because of their culturally immersive curriculums and smaller classes. Their history goes back to the times of Charles Dickens, who established an international school at Spring Grove. They were set up mainly to educate the children of expats like foreign diplomats who move frequently from one country to another.

Thanks to rapid pace of globalization, the popularity and demand for international schools have spiked in recent times. As per recent data, the industry is big business, with a worth of a minimum US $ 43.2 billion in fee incomes in 2017. This is mainly due to international demand for Western style learning and English medium education.

Following are several experiences while studying in international schools:

  • International curriculum

Most international schools follow internationally recognized curriculum such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. The IB education model is accepted in almost all continents and makes it easy to enter college. Thus it provides a winning edge to children in the real world.

  • Exposure to global culture

International schools feature students from different nationalities and also often faculty from diverse places. Students are those exposed to various lifestyles and cultures. This kind of global exposure is difficult to come by in a regular school. This is one of the most important advantages in enrolling in an international school. For instance, international school in Gurgaon may have foreign teachers as well as students.

  • Focus on extra-curricular activities

Majority of international schools place a substantial amount of emphasis on extra-curricular activities like talent shows, dramatics and sports. The curriculum aims at comprehensive development which helps your child acquire lots of confidence and learns crucial lessons in sportsmanship and competitiveness.

  • Global cuisine

International schools in India specialize in serving global cuisine in their cafeterias in order to serve the needs of increasing number of students from diverse nationalities. Thus if you are an expat in India, your child will feel right at home in their new school.

  • Bright future

The best gift to a child by a parent is good quality education. It is the foundation for a bright future. Learning and growing in an international school can provide the child with a competitive edge in the future.

  • **Camaraderie among students

With exposure to diverse cultures and gaining an understanding about inter-connection with others, students develop collaboration and camaraderie with each other. From a young age, they learn to love and respect others, no matter how different they are.

  • Love and motivation for learning

Most students appreciate the way in which lessons are presented before them by teachers. They are not typically confined to a class room. This is a common scenario with traditional schools. Instead they can go outdoors, attend various subject labs, join camping and field trips and participate in programs promoting globalization and environment protection. This boosts the inherent motivation to learn.

These are some of the real experiences you will have while attending an international school.

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