Reasons Why You Should Study Liberal Arts and Humanities at JSLH

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As per the Association of American Colleges and Universities, a liberal arts education is “an approach to learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. It provides students with broad knowledge of the wider world as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest. A liberal education helps students develop a sense of social responsibility, as well as strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills such as communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings.”

Liberal arts degree gives you a huge amount of flexibility, when it comes to choosing your career path. It gives you an excellent opportunity to carry on to a more clear degree program for future or use the analytical, communication, and reasoning skills, which you have acquired to enter a world of various career options. Similar to general studies, a degree in liberal arts is quite engaging for people who are willing to hire generalist people rather than specialists in a specific stream. A liberal arts student has the capability to think out of the box and is not just restricted to a specific mindset, and hence and job opportunities for liberal arts degree in India are huge.

Here in the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few reasons, why you should pursue a degree in Liberal Arts:

You Learn How to Think Critically

With a degree in liberal arts and sciences, you get to learn how to think critically and analytically. Rather than taking everything at the face value, you discover how to delve into why, what and how of a specific topic. You learn how to challenge preconceived ideas about what is the best and become an active and interactive member of the society.

You Learn How to Communicate Effectively

In a liberal arts and humanities degree, you get to learn how to express your ideas and thoughts. The ability to communicate efficiently is a skill that is extremely crucial in office as well as in everyday life. Further, effective communication skills make you suitable for a number of professions and jobs.

Career in Liberal Arts in India

As it is clarified previously, liberal arts degree encompasses subjects like literature, mathematics, science and philosophy. Liberal arts degree holders may choose careers in business, science, sales/ management and many more.

People with a degree in liberal arts can also get career opportunities in writing, research, publishing, social work, accounting, journalism, teaching, business, library operations, fundraising, private, and public sectors, academics, civil services, marketing, business, NGOs, engineering sectors, etc.

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