Why You Should Study International Relations at Jindal School of International Affairs

ma international relations distance learning India

In a world where terrorism strikes come without any prior warning and where widespread poverty kills millions of people each and every day only due to faults in international system, studying international relations and foreign policy are essentially field of study.

We are all an integral part of international relations due to our identities, cultural backgrounds and religion, places where we reside and choices that we make. Contemporary international relations provide us deep cultural understanding, which is the foundation for interaction with different cultures, values and beliefs. In addition, we, as well as nations require to interact in order to survive. All countries rely on trade and exchanges with other nations can be helpful in many ways.

Naturally, foreign relations depend on international relations and communication. Poor or no communication between different countries has proven to lead to horrible consequences in the past. For instance, World War I was partly caused by bad relation and communication between England, France and Germany at that time. Better international relations could have prevented one of the most vicious and destructive wars that human race has faced so far.

As the world is changing rapidly, there is a major lack of competent leaders capable of effectively steer us over the obstacles and through the confusion to security and prosperity, ensuring, in between, our survival. Consequently, there is a huge demand, no, a need for people, who have the acumen to assess the real state of conditions, the insight to establish the goals and gauge the character of others, and the capacity to move competently and speedily in a way worthy of excellence. Due to all this, the field of international relations is getting more and more appropriate in today’s society.

Effective communication between countries is the key for making valuable relationships and for making the world a safer place as a result. International relations are all about war and peace, power and weakness, conflicts and cooperation and precisely understanding of these behavior patterns is the only way left to change it. MA international relations distance learning India from a reputable college gives you a deep insight into the problems the world is facing and how you can contribute in solving these problems.

Curriculum of International Relations Masters in India covers not only the conventional realm of inter country relations, but also the interaction between institutions, organizations, or transnational and multinational corporations. Further, the field of study of International Relations is broad enough to embrace much of what makes this world tick, like law, commerce and politics, and then a closer look would disclose that there are also important cultural, social, environmental, scientific and technological aspects that require to be addressed. Therefore, a student of International Relations has a wide range of choices to choose from depending on their individual preferences and interests.

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