Top 4 Advantages of Studying Law at JGLS

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A law degree from a top law school in Delhi opens up an extensive range of career opportunities in a countless fields.

At Jindal Global Law School, we prepare students for careers in media, business, the arts, education, science, engineering and government. We have among our alumni, barristers, judges, solicitors and partners in leading law firms, entertainers, academics, politicians, and some of the most devoted public and community sector lawyers.

However, there is much more to studying law than just looking at career opportunities.

  1. Understanding levers of power in society

Studying law helps in developing one’s understanding about the levers of power in our highly saturated society in a manner that is even more useful than political science. It is because law is directly related to power and reaches almost into every part of our life. For that, very reason law is extremely significant to the way of life of every person.

  1. Understanding the ‘rule of law’

A society, which is managed without law leaves common people at the clemency of the arbitrary abuse of people, who are powerful. It makes life of ordinary people very difficult, who have no way to save themselves from the atrocities of powerful people.

Societies and nations, which are governed by laws, people live a peaceful and fearless life over there, as they know they can take help of legal system, if something wrong happens to them. Lawyers can help people in getting justice.

  1. Making a difference using law reform

Studying law at a leading law school in Delhi lets a person who possesses a strong sense of justice to realize where there are defects and issues in the legal system and work effectively and constructively to change it. In this way, studying law gives an idealistic person a practical way to bring a change in the world. Several lawyers work towards bringing reforms in policy and law.

  1. An intellectual challenge

Studying law gives a great intellectual challenge as it develops the skill to argue on the basis of evidence, which can be quite difficult non-lawyers to do. Studying law equips you with logical skills, which will offer you a decisive benefit in either profession you choose.


Through your reading and studying of case studies and other works in your curriculum, you will become extremely skilled in researching and gathering huge amounts of information and data. These are essential skills, which help you in several professions.

By studying law you get to learn approach tasks in a reasoned, clear, and logical way. You become an effective problem solver and also develop an understanding about the needs of your clients.

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