The Top 5 Reasons for Selecting JSGP for the Public Policy Course

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The various tasks require the help of various policies for effective management and their implementation. I was always wished to study such type of course. Fortunately for students like me, the Jindal School of Government And Public Policy (JSGP) offers the prestigious postgraduate course of public policy. Since taking admission in this great institute, I can easily say that it’s among the best colleges for public policy in India.

The Reasons for its Reputation

There are numerous reasons why my institute ranks higher in stature among other institutes offering courses in this subject. Let’s see one by one the major reasons for its reputation.

  1. Infrastructure

It’s a known fact that most of the students check the quality of the infrastructure before applying for the admission process. A specialized course such as the aforementioned one requires the best infrastructure for learning. That’s where my institute scores heavily. It has a splendid infrastructure for learning the various topics found in the postgraduate public policy degree course.

  1. Faculty Members

The quality of an institute largely hinges on the quality of its teaching staff. The faculty members at this institute have done their education from the various top national and multinational educational institutes around the world. They have plenty of experience in teaching and research. Many of the professors are visiting faculty in this top institute.

  1. Learning Environment

The learning environment of this institute is simply amazing. The holistic approach taken by the management enables the students to learn from various methods. It helps build the knowledge and skills of the students pursuing this postgraduate degree course. The approach has helped me to learn the complex topics easily without much struggle.

  1. The Excellent Course Structure

The course structure is uniquely divided into the following credit structure.

Total number of credit=60

Core Courses= The number of core courses is 10 with 32 credits.

Elective Courses= The number of elective courses is 6 with 18 credits.

Dissertation= It involves in-depth research of a particular policy accompanied by an internship. It contains 6 credits.

Policy Action Workshop= It contains 4 credits with workshops on various policy topics.

  1. Hassle-free Admission Process

The admission process is a smooth one where the students can apply for admission through the website of the institute. It’s pretty easy to finish the application process in a matter of minutes. It just took me a few steps to complete my application or registration process. I just fill up my details, submitted my documents and paid with my preferred choice of payment to complete the process of admission in the prestigious institute for the emerging course related to public policy and governance in India.

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