Top 5 Techniques to Study Chemistry

Techniques to Study Chemistry

Chemistry is very interesting and scoring subject of a science stream which mainly deals with the types of matter, properties, structures, elements, atoms, mixtures, substances, all about the chemical reactions and balancing the equations.

Chemistry is everywhere around us. We all find chemistry in everyday life, the air which we breathe is the mixture of gases, boiling of water, cooking of food, etc. Hence this subject cannot be ignored. Few students find chemistry as the difficult subject and some say it’s fun in learning chemistry concepts and equations. This subject can be made more interesting by understanding the concepts, with a little hard work, learning basic terms, and lots of practice. Here, students can find some top 5 techniques to study chemistry.

Learn from the basics 

The first thing to be remembered in this subject is all about the elements, its symbol and atomic number. Hence, keep on memorizing the different names of elements, along with its symbols, the atomic number, and its characteristics from the periodic table. Have a thorough knowledge of the different fundamental concepts in chemistry before studying the advanced topics.

Prepare a flash card 

Make flash cards of all important chemical symbols, chemical formulas, chemical nomenclature, atomic structure, electronic configuration, different types of electron orbitals, etc.

Learn through the internet 

There are many educational websites launched for helping students in different subjects. Try to learn about how to balance the equations, finding the molecular weight of an unknown compound, and learning a lot more from the different YouTube videos regarding the chemistry experiments.

Understanding the terminologies 

Never try to memorize the chemistry concepts blindly as it will not be effective.  Always understand the terms, learn by splitting the larger concepts into smaller and practice more by writing. This is the smartest way of studying as it helps to remember the learned concepts easily for a longer time.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice by referring more chemistry books, by solving more questions from the NCERT textbooks, NCERT Solutions Class 11 Chemistry on a daily basis to make the subject easy and interesting.

These were few top techniques to study chemistry. By studying on a regular basis, being regular to class and practicing more sample papers, previous year question papers can help students to ace their chemistry exams.

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