What do the top MBA colleges in Kerela have in common?

mba colleges in kerala

Google top 10 MBA Colleges in Kerala and what do you find? Many education and career related sites giving a list of 8-10 colleges. Such a list is based on a set of parameters used to assess sites. These include course fees, course quality, student votes, placement, and so on. However, most of these sites mainly use external rankings done by Business Today or The Week magazine; the only difference is that they give it to you in an easy-to-read format.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) launching its Kozhikode centre in 1996 paved the way for many education entrepreneurs to venture into Kerala. Most of these are private colleges, but they offer good infrastructure and other facilities. Their campus environments are also spacious, student-friendly and activity-oriented. They organize competitions, festivals, workshops and project exhibitions where students from across the country participate. An MBA education in these colleges is also reasonably priced on average, especially compared to the IIM-K.

Even with the rankings on the websites, choosing the best college may be difficult for students. What would the top 10 MBA Colleges in Kerala offer a student? How easy is it to get into the top MBA colleges in Kerala? First, an interesting study course that is in touch with the current demands in industry or services, and the expectations of its managers. Secondly, continue reading. An institution can become top ranking only if it has a learning culture and gives high priority quality of education and to placements. To get good placements, the college must make the student industry-ready, which means they won’t need any more training after starting a career. That can only happen when the institute ensures the students do a number of practical assignments and projects. They face challenges and fail frequently, so that they are confident in their workplace and can deliver.

The top MBA colleges in Kerala will also be research-focused, with a global mindset. For example, the finance sector is getting rejuvenated in terms of new financial instruments coming up. A good B-school will ensure that adequate focus is given on finance management in its existing course, or even introduce a new course in the sector. Such perspectives make a college reach the top in a few years.

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