best b pharma university in U.P

IIMTU, Best b pharma university in U.P. here we teach our students to innovate the wonders of sciences which may become the milestone in the field of life sciences. The world class pharmacy labs enables our students to experiment each limit to invent life saving drugs and medicines. Also making hospital training as a part of curriculum at their level, Let them understand the clinical demands and practical challenges of medical sciences.

The permanent faculty members are all well qualified and are assisted by experts in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences to enable a holistic environment of learning. All efforts are being made to equip the department with state of the art infrastructure and equipment. The library has latest journals of pharmacy from reputed publishing houses like Wiley-Blackwell, Springer- Verlag, Taylor. 

From ancient times Pharmacy is known as a branch associated with healthcare services. The word Pharmacy has been derived from the Greek word “pharmakon”, meaning drug. Today, the discipline of Pharmacy has made enormous progress and has matured as a distinctly independent branch as pharmaceutical sciences, mainly through the acquisition of the wealth of knowledge, research and a vast array of drugs & therapeutic remedies. The job of the Pharmacists is to prepare, mix, compound or dispense drugs and medicines, ointments, powder, tablets and injections on the prescription of a medical practitioner, dentist or veterinarian. In detail , they are concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods of processes of production and quality control. After the completion of B.pharm, an individual can both pursue a course in M.Pharm and later on do Ph.D in pharmacy.

IIMTU, College of Pharmacy is dedicated entirely to teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences; possessing top rated teaching & research quality profile with the object of imparting quality pharmacy education in India. Its mission is to provide excellent education in a stimulating environment where knowledge of basic subjects is integrated with health concerns for the world community. The program teaches professional ethics, social responsibility, professional citizenship and commitment to lifelong learning. Students are prepared in chemical, biological, physical and clinical sciences that underline pharmacy.

IIMTU, Best B. Pharm University in U.P. offers diploma, undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and two postgraduate Master’s in Pharmacy courses, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The College of Pharmacy is an approved centre for research i.e. Doctoral Degree Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical sciences).

The College was formerly affiliated to UPTU. The Jury for the UPTU Academic Excellence Award conferred upon us, membership of the star performers circle for its superior overall performance in the pharmacy programme. The pharmacy programme has been getting recognition for its efforts to enrich the quality of education every time since the inception of the Awards. It has built a reputation of being one of the finest Pharmacy colleges, and it is our constant endeavour to live up to this expectation. There is an ever growing demand for highly skilled pharmacy professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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