Ways to Improve Your Grades in Science

Ways to Improve Your Grades in Science

Whether it’s a language or any other subject such as social studies, maths or science, good scores are the result of good preparation. Scoring good grades is possible only with frequent revision, understanding the paper pattern and practicing. It is vital for the high school students to have a strong grip on their basics in subjects like math and science as it is a foundation of their future career in the field of science and technology. Therefore, to achieve this, students do the following:

  • Go to tuitions:

For example, a physical place where an educator educates learners

  • Take extra classes online:

For example, a class 10 student preparing for his final math exam can take up chapter wise online classes

  • Refer to study notes like solutions:

For example, a class 9 student referring to NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science while preparing for the science final exam.

Below tips are some ways to improve your grades in science:

Syllabus and paper pattern

Understand the science syllabus. Male and outline of the weightage and time required to prepare for every chapter. Allot time to the chapters in your study timetable accordingly. Gather previous years question papers and study them.

Preparation tips

Do not study all tough chapters continuously. Take breaks and study easy topics in between the difficult topics. Have an organized study place where all the required study materials are at your reach. Write down points and formulas to remember, draw labeled diagrams and make a note of important formulas. Start your revision at least 4-5 days before your science final exam. Solve sample papers and previous years question papers that you gathered to increase your thinking and writing speed.

Exam time!

Before you start answering the question paper, take a glance of it. Read all the questions and start with the questions you are confident enough. Remember to give a neat presentation of your answers with clear labeled diagrams. Solve the numerals with formula and include all the steps. If you are asked to draw a circuit diagram do not get confused with the positive and negative signs in the circuits, show the direction of flow by drawing an arrow. When you are done answering all the questions check your answer paper again before submitting it.

Students usually face difficulties while studying subjects like science and math. For clear notes and solutions to score well check out NCERT Solutions.

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