What to Do When You Get Stuck Writing an MBA Capstone Project?

The completion of your MBA would be determined by a final project. A Capstone project is one of the most challenging tasks awaiting MBA students. Even if you go in with confidence, there can be moments when you get a little stuck. It is important to remain calm and step away for a while. With the enormity of the task, a lot of times, we get stuck based on the level of importance.

An mba capstone project is about showcasing all you have learned during your course. With around 40 pages of written work, it does take a lot of time and research. Be sure of the requirements before you start. It is frustrating putting in a lot of work, only to find you missed the brief. Here are some tips to consider when you get stuck on your capstone project.

Find your passion

This is very cliché, but make sure you are passionate about the topic you chose. When you do this, the entire process becomes easier to manage. It can be dragging when you don’t enjoy what you are doing. There will also be more focus and discovery when you are actually interested in the topic. You can find a lot of capstone project topics with research. Also look back at some of the class discussions you enjoyed the most.

Back to outline

One of the reasons we get stuck is because we don’t know what is supposed to happen next. You should have an outline of what you wanted the capstone project to be. Go back to your outline. If you have not done one, it’s never too late to go back to basics. Your outline should guide you to what is to follow.

Read your sources

Within the sources you use can be gems of information. Forget about the project for a while and just read through these sources. Something in there can spark a new idea. This is a quick way to get unstuck in your project. An mba capstone is no easy task and preparing your sources ahead of time can be a lifesaver.

Check samples

Have a look at other capstone project examples you can find. This is just a great way to see the flow of other successful projects. There is so much inspiration to find. You are not going to use this as a direct source of information, but rather to help you get motivated again.

Just write

Open a blank page and just start writing. This might feel like a waste of time, but it can help you get a breakthrough. Writers do this all the time. They write about unrelated matters to open the creative flow. Thereafter, you can return to the work you have to do.


Once you understand that this task is challenging, it gives you hope and helps you continue. It’s not because you are unable to finish. Many students have a mental block at some stage through the process of completing a capstone project. Get enough sleep to help your brain work at an optimal pace. This is the final project, but the most important one. You’ll get it done in time.

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