While Digital marketing has caught everyone’s attention, it is relatively a new field. It is yet to evolve as a pure discipline and subject of study for students in graduate and post graduate level. Thus, there is a huge lacuna of trained and skill experts in Digital Marketing. On a positive side, this also means that those few who have gained expertise and experience in digital marketing is high in demand and many big opportunities are open for them.  Because of lack of skilled personnel in Digital Marketing this field hasn’t been optimally utilized yet. There are many unexplored ways by which digital marketing outcomes could be made more productive.

There’s a skills gap in digital marketing – so said Google Digital Academy Director Shuvo Saha in The Guardian last October. He went on to reveal the damning outcome of a recent survey of digital businesses in the UK and Germany: “If “full adoption of all digital best practices” was a score out of 100, the industry scored itself 57, and it looks like there are quite significant capability gaps in mobile, video and use of ad technology.”

Organizations are having a tough time in building the manpower assets in digital marketing in the absence of proper study course, training new recruits in digital marketing course is a daunting task. The gap in industry requirement and skill available is being blamed upon schools and colleges who didn’t kept pace with the changing phase of marketing and be abreast with research and curriculum for it. Partly, the masters of this skill who refuse to impart with their secret are also to be blamed.

But this blame game is baseless. The transition from traditional methods of marketing to digital world has been very swift, digital marketing Services is still in nascent stage and a lot is being experimented with every day. Documentation of marketing strategies is not possible as it is does not belongs to “one size fit all” description. Digital marketing is much more about individualization, customization per organization need and consumer demand. What strategy works for a company A might not work for Company B because maybe they are in different field, catering to different target audience, dealing with different goods and services.

Further Digital Marketing is not an umbrella department like HR and as such hiring specialist services is a crazy idea. it is too broad and expansive and includes every aspect of the industry, down to the tiniest clog. It is not just about product but also about branding, customer relation, reflecting company’s goals and aspiration with which people can connect. As such digital marketing expert are not specialist but rather jack of all trade and master of few. It is as much technical as creative, as much methodical as innovative. It is more than a job role. In such a scenario, hiring specialist in each division of digital marketing like SEO specialist, content developer, blogger, copywriter, editor could mean huge operations cost. But a more effective way would be to divide the role into smaller parts, make use of freelancers, hire a creative person and one technical person to do the job.

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