Why You Should Use a Psychometric Test in Recruitment

Psychometric Test in Recruitment

thing and knowing about his personality is another. This test is more popular in hiring system and many companies have agreed upon the importance of psychometric test to understand the nature and thinking preference of any candidate before hiring them.

Psychometric testing for recruitment can help you to evaluate the overall character of a candidate, his strengths, weakness, emotional intelligence, decision making and almost everything you cannot ask him directly or expect an honest answer.

The testing psychometric approach of a candidate can give you more intelligent and intellectual employee, you can have a clear idea about the future behavior and performance of the employee you are going to hire.

What is a psychometric test?

This psychometric test is an activity that is conducted to check and evaluate the candidate’s problem-solving skills, overall performance attributes, decision-making power, situational reaction test and much more. If you conduct the psychometric test you can have an idea of how much candidate is able to handle work pressure, how well he can behave with others and what are his priorities? Knowing realistic situational approach of candidates as answers with online psychometric assessment it will be easy for you to make the decision of hiring the right and suitable candidate.

Types of psychometric a test

Psychometric test is basically of three types

  • Aptitude Test-Almost every big organization have the aptitude test round in their interview process, it helps them to understand the overall intelligence and intellectual level of any candidate. This test is related to literacy and numerical approach skills.
  • Online psychometric assessments-Many websites now a day provides psychometric assessment online which help companies to get the best psychometric results of the candidate without paying extra monitoring effort.
  • Behavioral test-This kind of test provides a situational approach with checking the candidate’s personality for a specific role and profile. For example, if you are hiring for team leader, leadership, test with a series of questions can help you the best.

Why should Companies use Psychometric test?

Hiring for the right and the best candidate is the object of every company, where knowledge of subject matter is not enough. The psychometric test helps the companies by reducing the human efforts and HR recruitment costs and hire candidates who are morally strong, which can work for you for the long term. The psychometric test also determines the overall result of the candidate which can help human resource to convey further departments candidates’ strengths.

What should be the correct psychometric test stage in an interview?

The right start of the test can also play a vital role in the recruitment process, for example, if you place the psychometric test at 3rd or 4th round, it can make you cost extra. The right stage of the psychometric test in an interview is the 1st stage, yes, when candidates apply on your portal, or if they email you their resume, you can ask them to complete a psychometric test. Responses of the candidates can be filtered by your expected answers in every online psychometric test. This can be the very first step of screening, which can avoid wastage of time and efforts.

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